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Life if full of a million things that we remember and cherish, enough to not even fill "One Gargantuan Monkey Fist". This is a collection of those special,unique and funny events my life, thoughts on technology, F1 and the ying-yang of relationships.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

The Cop Says "get out of the car, put your hands on the hood and spread your legs"

Sometime December 2003. I am living with two other fellow south Indians. Along comes a long weekend. We decide to take a road trip. After a little pondering, we decided to goto Arkansas. It would be a 17 hour drive and among the three of us, we thought we would not have any trouble.

We started driving from Tallahassee, Fl friday evening. The drive was amazing, we decided to stick to state roads and my roomie was driving pretty fast. Once inside Arkansas, we decided to fill some gas. We switched drivers and kinda got lost. Deciding that the best thing was to goto sleep and track our way back in the morning, we pulled into a rest area and went to sleep.

A beautiful Saturday morning it was. I woke up, walked outside and for the first time I was seeing the colors, the shades of yellow and orange and red. It was amazing. We started driving and took the first exit to turn around, just before the exit, we spotted a cop car in the opposite direction, so we decided to drive slowly and we did stick to the plan when we took out U turn.

We passed the cop and about 5 minutes later my roomie goes... "oh shit, the cop is tailing me..". This is normally not a good sign, also given the fact that we were a bunch of Indian kids, in the middle of nowhere kinda got to us. After following us for a mile he turned on the lights, we pulled over and he walked up and said " I pulled you over coz your gas tank is open". My dumb roomies had forgotten to shut the gas tank. I was cursing them out, little did I know that this would be the least of my worries.

Since the cop was a state trooper, he asked the driver to walk with him to the patrol car. So my roomie went. Meanwhile me and the other guy were sitting in there thinking what the hell is going on. We were not speeding, so why is he holding us up ? The thought that crossed our minds was that We were brown. It was understandable, cops were trained to look for weird people in weird places, a bunch of college kids from florida in arkansas rang a bell... maybe.

A couple of minutes later, the cop comes back and started girlling us. "Where are y'all from ? , What are you doing here ?, how do you know each other? How long are you gonna stay here ? Where is your student ID ?". It was all cool, we were not lying, so we were confident. We were doing good and would be outta there in a minute. But then the cop asked..."What are you guys planning on doing when you are here.. ?".

I said "Well we are probably gonna go trekking, look at some caves and enjoy the views.", given the fact that I was the only one who did any kinda reserch on this place, It was a good answer. We were seconds away from freedom, when my roomie goes.."We also are gonna go hunting.."

HUNTING ??? Are you fu**ing kidding me ? I dont eat meat, I have never held a gun in my hand, ever, neither have the other two, we dont have hunting licenses, all this aside, we were pulled over in the middle of nowhere and the cop accutallly thought we were working for the other side and now you say "hunting?". I was kicking myself, I was gonna kill my roomie if I got a chance.

There was a smirk on the cops face, all I could think of was what the cop was gonna say. I knew how this worked. I had seen enough episodes of Cops and a million movies... the dialogue was gonna be, can you gentleman please step outside the vehicle, out your hands on the hood and spread you legs. I dreaded this... This was it..

Those were the most agonising 10 seconds of my life. It looked like it was 10 minutes, I remember the cop, his bald head partly visible between his forehead and this hat. I was freaking out. I had a great weekend planned and one word was gonna screw it all up. Sir "do you have hunting licenses ?", we sid no, he asked us if we had guns, we said no. He asked us if he could search the car, we said sure.... By this time, he knew that my friend had just blurted out something he should not have.

10 Minutes later, we were on our way. But till day, we smack our friend on the back of his head and go..."yes officer, we are going hunting.." So as a tip to all my Indian friends here, if you are ever pulled over, talk as little as you can and ask the others to shut the hell up.


Blogger Sangeeta said...

Funny..n scary at the same time
Hi 1st time on ur blog...hopped in thru blogstreet

3:39 AM

Anonymous Gautham said...

Dude, you wrote only half the story, the cop came back to me and asked "I heard your going to go for hunting? ", You got to check my position out there. I was like, if I get back to the car in proper condition, I am gona kill the dude who told the word hunting.

4:27 PM

Blogger The Desi Nole said...

Thanks for the comments. It was scary when it happened, but as time passed it was plain funny.

And yeah gautham was the driver at that point and he of course confirms how pissed we were for someone using the word "hunting"

11:43 AM


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