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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

T610 - Review

Sony Ericssion T 610 Posted by Hello

I have been a cellphone user for a long time now. Around 5 years. My first cellphone was a ericsson flip phone with a two line grey scale display. My latest is a Motorola V551.

Along the years I have seen cellphones take various shapes and forms and sizes. They packed way too many features loosing site of the basic fact that no matter what it could do, it still should be a good phone.

About a year ago I got my T 610. I had no idea about how the phone was, but I was getting it for free, so I decided to take it. The bluetooth headset was a bonus.

Having had the phone for such a long time, I think the phone looks ok. Atleast when you compare it with the newer phones, the T 610 is just plain blah. My battery cover has a small dent and is scratched pretty hard. Another irritating feature, though I got used to it was that the button on the right hand side had direct access to the internet and you could not change its functionality.

The navigation is very intutive. After a few weeks of using the phone, you get used to the joy stick. The backspace and clear buttons are things I miss on my motorola. Every single option that you would use was made available within a couple of key presses. Things like put the phone on silent, turn on bluetooth, lock the phone's keypad were made available in a very easy fashion.

Bluetooth on the phone was ok. The reception was not always static free, but it worked. The T9 predictable text completion software was amazing, sending and receiving messages was also pain free. You could disable your phone number from being displayed in the receivers caller id and this is a feature that helped pull a couple of pranks on people.

The battery life on this phone is the best part. My phone lasts for a week without recharging, again I am not on the phone a lot. But even if I am, it lasts for a couple of days or even more. I have never had this with any other phone and am pretty sure that this will be a dream for other phone makers in the near future.

Overall, the T 610 is an amazing phone, so amazing that when I switched from T-Mobile to Cingular, I unlocked my phone so I could use it in the Cingular network. I have a strong feeling that I am going to sell my V551, so if there are any takers out there, gimme a call.

Rating: Posted by Hello


Blogger hemanth said...

Karthik, you REALLY have to be joking. I had to temporarily let go my Nokia 3650 and use my wife's T610. Everything I have to say about the T610 are complaints.

The battery life on mine is so awful, I need to carry the charger in my bag, wherever I go.

The Jabra bluetooth had no issues on the Nokia, with the T610, outgoing calls are fine, but incoming calls arrive via the handset ONLY!

About the menu options, the lesser said, the better. Nokia beats others hands down on navigation, any day. One irritation is the not-so-rare occurrence where you have to drill down upto 5 menus to get to your option.

Don't know if its just mine, but the T610 gives mobile phones a really bad name.

4:36 PM

Anonymous john glass-cock said...

i love my t610. the battery last about 4 days talking about 1 and a half hours a day. if you use bluetooh the battery only last 3 days. the phone is decently fast switching menu to menu except for java games. the phone is fairly durable even after almost 2 years it's been holding up very well. the screen is unlike glass and doesn't scratch easily. themes are a nice touch too, you can change the backgrounds. for my background i have phallix glass dildos. the phone itself is a bit small at first, but after a while you get use to it. the buttons are a decent size and easy to use. the camera is okay. overall this phone is a great buy.

4:54 AM


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