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Life if full of a million things that we remember and cherish, enough to not even fill "One Gargantuan Monkey Fist". This is a collection of those special,unique and funny events my life, thoughts on technology, F1 and the ying-yang of relationships.

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The Lost TV Remote Controller

Over the ages, men have become addicted to a zillion things. Cars, TV's and the biggest one of them all remote controls. We like being lazy, not getting out of our lazy boys (I know I spelt it wrong coz of legal reasons) and sitting on our ass and still getting things to magically work. I am an extreme case, I do not like to get up to even turn off my air conditioner, I got one with a remote, just coz it would make things easier.When I lived alone, I had 5 remotes, just coz it made life simpler for me. I hated and still hate cords, I went wireless with my desktop, with my roomies X box controller and everything that could go wireless. This way everything was spread around my couch and I had access to all the amenities without moving.

Personally, I think remote controllers should be the centuries best invention. Think about how many different applications it has and how life would suck if we did not have a remote.

Moving on, Being in college has its own privileges. Throwing parties and having fun is one of the perks. There have been lots of funny things that have happened (Click here for a previous party story.)

So if you have already read "The Hug", you will know that I lived with a bunch of guys who loved to throw parties.

Like every other party we threw, this was a big one. Food, Beer, Coke and Pizza for the folks. Being one of the "well to do" apartment among the Indian students, we were the first to have a 25" TV. Of course it was brought during the thanks giving, but to the others it did not really matter.

Like always all the Indian kids were there, drinking, dancing (ooh I forgot the story of the snake dance) and having a good time. As the evening turned into the wee hours of morning, the kids we wanted to sober up were sitting and watching TV. I sat down for a little while to check the weather or something.

Soon everyone was out and we all went to bed. Now the thing to remember is that the next day was Sunday. And one of my roomies who could not cook even for a million dollars always made breakfast. It was a thing to enjoy, coz finally you could set your ass down and have decent eggs without having to be in the kitchen. Well, he made good eggs... Anyways, so we wake up, take our glass of orange juice and turn on the TV. Within the next 5 minutes, we realize that the remote was missing.

It was ok, no big deal, since there were a bunch of people in the house, we always had someone near the TV to switch channels, it sucked during commercials, but it was ok. As the day progressed, we started getting more irate. It just was not working, we needed the remote. Given that our house was a mess, we decided to clean for a change and that way we would also find the remote. So finally out lazy asses decided to do something and we started cleaning.

I do not exactly remember, but I think we would have spent about 3 hours cleaning and searching for the remote, no luck. We did everything we could in our power, flipped the cushions, moved the couch, searched all the rooms (just in case we were drunk and had taken the remote in), but we just could not find it. We even searched the bathroom (maybe someone had taken it in there), LOL, we still turned up with nothing.

After a little cursing everyone out and cursing the suspect we had no clue about, we settled down. We decided to go with plan B, goto radio shack and get a remote. After walking for 15 minutes, we figured that radio shack was closed on Sundays. We could not take it anymore. We racked out brains to figure out where the remote had gone and the only logical conclusion was that someone with the same TV as ours had to have taken it. There was only one guy with the exact same TV and he hated us. So the conclusion we come to was that he had taken it, just to piss us off and that we would not invite him for our parties from this point on (yeah like that worked).

Everytime we bumped into him, we all had this look on our faces, we for the longest time thought he had done it.

It should have been two years later, we had to move to a new apartment. And as usual the first thing to switch apartments was our couch. Given the fact that it was too heavy, I dropped it and vola .... The elusive remote popped out. We laughed our asses off and cursed each other out for the premature conclusion.

Although we had come to a bad conclusion, it just showed how desperate we got when we lost the remote for a day ( we got one from radioshack the next day), looking back at it, it was weird to see the effect of something as simple as a remote having such a drastic effect on us, who otherwise were normal people.