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Life if full of a million things that we remember and cherish, enough to not even fill "One Gargantuan Monkey Fist". This is a collection of those special,unique and funny events my life, thoughts on technology, F1 and the ying-yang of relationships.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Book Tagging

I really do not read books any more. Given that I just finished grad school and the new job, I just cannot find time. But just like Kriba, in the spirit of things... here goes

Total books I own : Think about 120

Last book I bought : How to move Mount Fuji. Yeah Microsoft had something to do with it, but its an intresting book that makes you think. Thanks to Dushy, I acctually brought this book.

Last book I read : Inscrutable American- Anurag Mathur. This is about an Indian student here in the US. Its amazingly funny and touches on every aspect of a students life here, a must read for anyone planning on coming here or has been here.

Books that mean a lot to me: Not a penny More, Not a penny less - Jeffery Archer. One of the most amazing books I have ever read. I recommend this to every one who loves fiction and anyone who has anything to do with stocks or finances. I cannot remember any other book in the recent past that I wanted to finish.

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