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Life if full of a million things that we remember and cherish, enough to not even fill "One Gargantuan Monkey Fist". This is a collection of those special,unique and funny events my life, thoughts on technology, F1 and the ying-yang of relationships.

Monday, June 06, 2005

Yahoo Messenger India - Beta

Recently a friend pointed out that I was running the US version of YIM (Yahoo Instant Messenger) Beta and not the Indian version.

The difference is subtle, but all my Indian friends would love it.
Download the messenger from http://in.beta.messenger.yahoo.com/ and after installing it goto the Audibles section.

In there you will find around 18 different desi audibles (all in hindi, one in bengali (I think)).

Its got a wide variety from Jhony Lever making comments to pretty Indian ladies (cartoon of course) with a bhindi saying stuff. Its a must try for anyone who uses Yahoo.

The beta also uses VOIP for voice chats and the quality is much better than before with almost no lag times.

So go on out and take a look.

Love Schumacher or F1 you should read this.

For the longest while I have been visiting formula1.com (which this year became the official f1 site) and Planetf1.com an unofficial site, which gave me an indepth coverage on everything that could not be official.

There is this intresting section in planetf1 called Schumi's sekret diary (aka. Das SekretTagebuch Michael Schumachers). Its a fictional account of what Schumi writes in his diary and is very funny.

If you are a tifosi or just another formula1 fan make sure you check it out. http://www.planet-f1.com/features/off_on_f1/story_19529.shtml