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Life if full of a million things that we remember and cherish, enough to not even fill "One Gargantuan Monkey Fist". This is a collection of those special,unique and funny events my life, thoughts on technology, F1 and the ying-yang of relationships.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Fashion Shows - No no the real ones

I can totally understand REAL fashion shows. The ones in which designers come out with new designs, looks and things that will be in vogue. But those fashion shows by students....

Just like when Red bull decided to have the cast from Star Wars in the pit lane in Monaco, which somehow made Formula 1 a different kind of show, students in my opinion pollute the meaning of a Fashion show.

A fashion show in its truest sense is for professionals, who have come up with a new concept or idea and have a place to showcase it, either for fame or for some commercial value. Students on the other hand walk down the ramp wearing clothes that I would wear to wedding (a nicely embellished kurta) or something that I wear to college (my faded jean and thirt that says Spot the Indian and the sun glasses of course) everyday. This is not a fashion show, this is a bunch of wannabe kids who are showing off their wardrobe and to make a competition out of it is equating it to who has the best clothes and who has the coolest walk in front of a hundred people.

Get real people, stop screwing around with the real thing.